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The guidelines for the tax audit in 2023. The accusation against the singer Shakira.

The Spanish Tax Agency announced yesterday, February 27, its priorities for 2023 in the fight against tax fraud, three main lines in which it will place special emphasis on its inspection activity.

  • Underground economy: It focuses on construction, real estate rehabilitation and all those businesses and companies that may have “black” money in their sales (such as stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.).
  • High incomes with false residence: Attention to those who declare as non-residents when in reality they are more than 183 days in Spain, their tax situation will be reviewed and their incomes will be applied as residents. They can go from paying 19% or 24% (depending on the country of residence) to being taxed as residents with rates that can reach 55%. It happens that these fraudsters pay personal income tax only for the income obtained in Spain, when it should be for their worldwide income. For example, this is the case of the prosecution’s accusation against the singer Shakira. The transfer of individuals with high incomes from one Spanish autonomous community to another with tax advantages will also be investigated.
  • Control over cryptocurrencies: Cryptocurrency purchases will be investigated in order to ascertain their origin and whether they have been declared.


Therefore this 2023, the tax inspection will face a series of challenges due to the growing underground economy, high incomes with false residence and the control of cryptocurrencies. The main lines of tax inspection will be focused on preventing tax evasion and ensuring the correct payment of taxes. This means that tax inspectors will have to be more vigilant in their investigations and use advanced technologies to uncover any discrepancies in taxpayers’ records. They will also have to ensure that all financial transactions are properly monitored and reported. In addition, they must take measures to prevent money laundering activities by monitoring cryptocurrency exchanges and other online platforms.

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Lorenzo Viu

Lorenzo Viu


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