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Have you thought about starting a business in Spain?

As already mentioned, it is important to be registered with official bodies in order to comply with legislation, be it fiscal, registry, commercial or labor legislation.

But equally or more important is that, if you are going to operate in the Spanish (or European) market through a brand, register said brand (and its corresponding logo).

Why do we need to register the trademark?

To protect us from third parties who intend to operate with our brand and prevent them from damaging our image. It must be remembered that the brand image is an intangible very difficult to achieve… and in a short time someone could destroy all this work.

We will make sure that no one in the future can trade products or services under our brand name.

The trademark registration is public; our clients can consult said registry. That creates trust and generates an intangible value of our brand.

Abogados y expertos fiscales con amplia experiencia en creación de todo tipo de sociedades, preparación de documentos jurídicos, registro de marcas y obtención de visados.

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