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We go along with you on all the steps to set up your company in Spain. From the choice of the name of the company to the opening of its bank accounts. We register you in the Spanish tax system and make sure that your tax responsibilities are fully covered. If you decide to hire workers, we register you in the Spanish Social Security system and draw up and present the contracts of your workers.

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Explain your needs to us and we will take care of all the formalities and official requirements of your project in Spain in all areas (tax, commercial, legal, etc.).

Because we will try to adapt our services to your needs, you will have personalized attention in English and we will make all the necessary procedures for your establishment in Spanish territory as easy as possible.

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Do you want to open a company in Spain? You will receive attention in English and Spanish. You only have to come and sign what we will have previously prepared for you. For us, your time is important.


We will be able to connect with you telematically through virtual meetings to collect everything you need. You will have online assistance from the first moment. No more long and tedious waiting. We will work for you and for your project.

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Do you want to buy a property?
We accompany you in your search. We make sure that there is no legal error that will harm you in the future. We take care that all your legal and tax obligations derived from the purchase are covered.

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Elko Associates has lawyers and tax experts with extensive experience in the creation of all types of companies, the preparation of legal documents, trademark registration, and obtaining visas.

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Indeed, Spain is a advantageous place to start your business as this place offers several benefits to investors and entrepreneurs. Spain is part of EU, so your business will have easier System to move goods and we will help you to form part of intra-comunitary operatos and avoid losing VAT cin diferents EU countries.

Starting a new business in Spain is not that easy. While setting up the company, you might face some difficulties like not being fully aware of the local language, local bureaucracy and local customs that you have to face if you are planning to start a company here. HR In that case, you can take the services of a professional Tax Advisor like ELKO & ASSOCIATES, where we take care of all the official requirements and formalities of your project in all areas like legal, commercial and tax etc.

You don’t need visa our lawyers will take care to get N.I.E number with power of attorney, this is easiest accés to open a company in Spain. This type of N.I.E doesn’t give you permition to live in Spain, it’s only used to open company, bank account.

There are two options that you can opt to open a business in Spain. First is to apply for a startup visa, which allows even the outsider to come to Spain and make the necessary arrangement to start a business here. And the second is the residential permit, in which a person living in Spain can set up their own business. However, in both options, you need to take the support of a specialized and company formation agent. They can handle all the legal, tax, official documentation, and permission-related formalities on your behalf.

Investors visa

Golden visa (real estate up to 500k)

In most cases, including a branch takes 6-8 weeks. The same method as for a business. In addition, the branch must nominate a human or legal entity in Spain to represent the parent business in discussions with Spanish tax authorities about its tax responsibilities.

We’re here to inform you that it most surely is. Because of its steady economy, Spain has become a land of chances for foreign investors wishing to launch new business operations.

Our tax specialist is in charge of federal and international tax compliance quarterly and annually. Tax professionals at Elko Associates assist in preparing quarterly and yearly tax provisions and tax accounting obligations.

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Abogados y expertos fiscales con amplia experiencia en creación de todo tipo de sociedades, preparación de documentos jurídicos, registro de marcas y obtención de visados.

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